Our app is designed to provide seamless MaaS experience from planning to payment

Our app is designed to provide seamless MaaS experience from planning to payment allowing users to find, book and pay for all transportation types and preferences. It is a powerful and intuitive multi-modal journey planner and booking engine tailored to the needs of modern urban travellers. The app enables you to choose the best route - in-built trip planner shows all the mobility possibilities available so you can pick the journey that best fits your needs.

Real-time service alerts keep you informed about disruptions and other issues which may affect your journey, while ETA service helps to avoid wasting time waiting for the next bus or train.

Universal payment tool enables you to choose the best fare from a variety of fare types available, apply discounts and benefits (if any), keep the history of your rides and payments and collect bonuses for active travel or shopping. Contactless payment through QR-code makes the journey safe and seamless as you no longer need to have cash on you or paper documents prooving your right for transport benefits. 

Live navigation tool will guide you through the city giving notifications about when to leave home for the next bus, when to change or how to optimize your route.

You can always leave feedback about the comfort of your trip, its safety and flexibility which will help the transportation agencies to improve the quality of their work.

We also integrate private-owned cars into complex MaaS solution - with our app car drivers can find parking lots, gas stations and optimal hubs for PT-transit.

Our app features:

  • Multimodal trip planning
  • Contactless payment (QR)
  • Bonus & Loyalty
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Nearby mobility options
  • Real time alerts & disruptions