Our solution

We empower urban development through aggregating regular and on-demand transport into single digital platform

Our project is aimed at modifying urban mobility by providing convenient and sustainable solutions that minimize congestion, reduce pollution and increase safety and accessibility for all. We contribute to development of shared mobility through building digital bridge between passengers and mobility operators.

Our MaaS platform is an integrated, scalable, secure and highly customisable solution that can bring connected mobility to passengers, cities and businesses empowering urban development through aggregating regular and on-demand transport, carsharing, carpooling and micromobility into single digital platform. We apply the best practices in the field of seamless mobility, combining all types of transport (including taxi, car sharing, kicksharing) allowing for multimodal travel using a single ticket.

Our digital services include:

  • Flexible tariff calculator for multimodal rates enabling fare import, editing and fine-tuning
  • In-built functionality for billing, clearing and scoring
  • Offline mode for rural areas or regions with insufficient Internet coverage
  • Integration with key government big data platforms

Our comprehensive solution has fail-safe microservice architecture ensuring flexibility and scalability which allows seamless integration of third-party services. We offer variety of business models: SaaS, custom development, outsourcing etc. to serve the needs of our customers.

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